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Being pregnant has really changed the way I cook and eat. Mainly, everything I put into my mouth has to have protein in it as I am required to get at least 60 or more grams per day (which is a lot!)

Now that our strawberries are finally coming in, I am able to make a homegrown organic strawberry smoothie packed with twenty-two grams protein! Woot! And no added sugar (just sweetened from the yogurt).

1 cup ice, crushed
6 oz any flavor yogurt (strawberry!) (5 grams protein)
6 oz milk (5 grams protein)
1/2 -1 cup strawberries (fresh or frozen)
2 tbsp plain whey protein powder (12 grams protein)
1 tsp potassium powder (optional–potassium boost is great since pregnancy really drains your minerals)
1 -2 tsp soluble fiber powder (optional–fiber boost is great to stay regular, of course. This should add about 4 grams fiber)

Smoothies are so popular, if you haven’t yet tried making them at home, you really should. First crush the ice in your blender or food processor.

Then add in the strawberries and blend smooth.

Then add in the yogurt, milk, and extra powders.

Blend smooth. Pour into a huge glass with a wide straw.

Makes about 3 cups, but is still considered ONE serving, so don’t dare share it 😉


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