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I got this very novel folding wheelbarrow in 2008. It has been used and abused and is showing it’s age, quite frankly. Here are the specs:

  • lightweight
  • foldable, obviously
  • has a real rubber wheel that can be filled with air
  • can be “locked” open or unlocked to fold
  • has a flap in the back that can hold in your load, or open for flat loading
  • smaller capacity means more trips, but easier ones
  • padded hand grips

The drawbacks are:

  • carrying your compost materials along with a sharp¬†machete¬†can and will cut the canvas;
  • leaving it open in the sun for a few weeks will fade the fabric to a dull green;
  • leaving it outside in the elements (rain) will rust the grommets of the back flap;
  • the first thing to break will be the pin holders, that hold 2 of 4 pins which enable the folding action;
  • the tire comes totally flat and you won’t discover it is refillable until after it is loaded with heavy sod and bottoms out in the driveway;
  • can be used (full) with 2 hands only, so don’t pause to wipe sweat off your brow or you’ll tip the load

Despite my list of complaints, I’d still recommend this product. If stored properly, it will last a long time and it’s great for small trips around the yard without taking up room in the garage or shed. I wish I hadn’t left it outside, but the damage doesn’t affect its function so far.

*** out of 5 stars!


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