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My garlic sprouted! So cute, too. I mulched it with some leaves. In fact, I mulched all the beds with leaves that I got from the neighbor’s pile. I think I took like 20 trips, but it was worth it. Then coming home from Thanksgiving we scored 2 straw bales plus some more pumpkins.

My side yard is hopeless! I look at it and just want to cry because it’s so terrible. But they’re just weeds. I need to show them who’s boss, right? So they’ll die overwinter, I can mulch over them thickly with straw and not let any new ones grow. Maintaining weed-free is always easier than getting weed-free. Just look at how quickly the daylily bed became weed-free and it only took a thick layer of mulch. I get maybe a handful of weeds and can pull them up easily. I guess we’ll need more straw bales.

I’m excited to grow squash next year, after reading Amy Goldman’s book. And Mom’s going to start composting! So I’ll get all her coffee grounds, banana peels, onion skins, etc. It’ll be a small but great help fer sure!



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Since I wrote the last entry, I mowed the lawn twice; tilled up a small section of the side garden and planted garlic; removed all the 2-liters and pulled all the stakes and plants. I also trimmed back the rhubarb and added it to the compost. And put away one hose for winter. Gathered the seed stalks from the garden (but not yet separated out the seeds and put away), and pulled the last of the plants.

Still to do: pick up the 2 liters from the yard as they are just sitting there. Put away other hose and wash birdbath for last time. Gather leaves and pile them on top of all my garden beds.

Doesn’t sound too terrible. Just have to actually do it before they suck up the leaves. Ugh! Gotta do it!


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