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I managed to pull almost all the existing green tomatoes into the house and in bags to ripen. I’ve since made 2 batches of tomato sauce with them. Peeling and dicing takes a long time, but it’s worth it. I think I’ll put the rest of what I have in the freezer to use for chilis, etc.

These bags are full of green tomatoes. As they ripen I"ll make sauce or salsa with them or freeze.

Mom and I gardened yesterday! I helped divide her daylily plants. So she has 8 plants instead of just 4. I don’t know how long it took, but seemed like a long time. Maybe an hour or longer. Her “soil” is absolutely horrible. Since it’s new construction, there is no topsoil except what they added. So there is thick real ohio clay topped with tons of sand (or none at all) topped with a scant inch of topsoil and mulch. We had to amend each planting hole with compost. We really ripped and tore the roots of the plants so I hope they survive. I’m confident they’ll bounce back quickly.

I still haven’t put the garden to bed yet. I need to:

1. gather seeds from lettuce, cilantro, etc if still existing

2. take out all stakes and supports, as well as all 2-liters

3. take out all peppers, tomatoes, and other plants (weeds)

4. I should add some compost and turn under but I’ll wait til spring

5. do something with the side yard: remove weeds, trim back strawberries and rhubarb, and top with lots of leaves for winter mulch.

Ugh! I’m tired just thinking of doing those things, plus I have to mow again. Ugh! No energy this year at all! On the bright side, I turned the compost yesterday. It was rather clumpy.



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