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I’ve transplanted 3 of the volunteer squash, cause slugs ate most of my watermelon seedlings. Wonder what I’ll get! I also got several lemon boy volunteers, which I can plant out in the “potager” which isn’t likely to be a potager anymore…

I’m getting blossoms on 4 tomato varieties so far, even though the tallest plants are less than 2′ tall. Yesterday I went ahead and staked and tied the tallest ones. They all seem to be doing okay now, except for the lime green salad in the ground; but the one in the pot is doing great. The groshovka’s are very slow growers so far.

While still small, I tied them to stakes. Some are flowering already.

We’ve gotten about 25 strawberries so far, and that’s probably all we’ll get. We lost one more plant, but have lots of runners.

All that talk you've heard about homegrown strawberries? It's true!

Scott helped me weed the side garden on Sunday for about an hour, we took out tons of weeds! Lots of greens for the compost. Now there’s room to plant more stuff. I really need to get a mulch though, but probably won’t this year until fall.

My side garden. It's curvy, and now weed free!

We also have 2 zucchini growing, that is if they got fertilized. We’ll have to wait and see. Chard is also doing very well.

It's under my finger! Sorry, I couldn't get the camera to focus on the tiny nub.

Out of the seed balls I threw at my parents house, they’ve got a bunch of arugula and a couple poppies. They may have had more but it got mowed down, oh well. The arugula made tons of seeds, so they might get a second crop or more next spring. Neat experiment.


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