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A couple beans have come up. Three lablab, and two bush beans, though I don’t know the variety. Three zucchini, but one has been eaten. More chard has sprouted, but still no carrots or celery. Or corn.

Raspberries: 3 of the sticks have no leaf growth and no new shoots have sprouted yet. Strawberries: many plants have blossoms so fruit is imminent. Asparagus looks mostly coming up, though ferns are teeny tiny! Side garden is horribly overrun with weeds—I need to take a few hours and rip it up, then cover with more straw. We’ll see.

Many “volunteer” tomatoes in the compost as well as a few squash. I’m going to transplant a few of the tomatoes. My other tomatoes aren’t doing that great. Too much sun and too hot led to sunscald. If they aren’t sunscalded, they are just sitting there with no new growth. I’m still holding out hope that the roots will send up new growth. Otherwise I’ll have to replace up to 4 or more plants.


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Got my tomatoes planted on the 15th—a few days ahead of schedule. Some of them just barely had two true leaves on them but I planted them anyway. They seemed to be struggling in their starter pots. I did not plant lime green salad, nor giant belguim (that seedling looks bad), nor anna russian (again—bad looking), nor jbt yet. So I’ll still decide which ones I want more of and plant them in the potager space. Next up is the peppers. Those are still small so it may be 2 more weeks for them. I’ll bury my 2-liters in the meantime.

I have 5 watermelons left. The rest were eating by bugs—darn them! Should  I start more seeds? Also, I have one zucchini sprouted and one lablab. Parsley seems to be coming up finally, and maybe cilantro, but nothing else.

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I did indeed get the plants the next day and planted them that friday. It took me 3 hours? Maybe 4. I’m not sure. But it was windy and I ended up getting a rash on my hands and spread it to my ears and neck. Sucked! Got 20 out of 25 strawberry plants. So I emailed them to give me a partial refund. The rhubarb I got was one big and 2 smalls. I planted the asparagus in a ditch and don’t think it was deep enough as I can see several roots poking up by the crowns. The asparagus growing out of it now is super thin—like yarn thickness. I’ll try to get some more dirt on them somehow. One rhubarb rotted—the smallest one. Only one strawberry plant didn’t make it (and Burpee’s refunded me $3 which is cool).

Today I planted out my watermelon plants. I originally planted 9 saved seeds. Well none sprouted! So I went ahead and replanted in the same pots—8 more seeds cause one was indeed about to sprout. So of those, six didn’t come up and I still ended up with 9 seedlings! Cool. Hope they all live and make juicy watermelons!

Some of my tomatoes are tall enough to plant in the ground but I’ll wait a few more days cause I still need to bury my 2 liters (reminder: get some more 2 liters on trash day tomorrow!).

I’m having the worst luck with my salad crops! Nothing is coming up except the arugula and broccoli raab (of which I’m out of seed), and very sparse lettuce. No parsley, no carrots, no celery, no cilantro, no chard, and I planted out beans and corn and zucchini last week and those haven’t come up either. Must be the weather? Or my irregular watering?

Mom bought me special anti-rash soap to wash with after gardening—so nice! It smells medicated and is a “laundry soap” (in a bar) so it doesn’t have ingredients listed. I cut the bar into 3 parts cause it was big! I used it today and my hands were literally squeaky clean after lathering 1 minute. No more rashes, yippee!

I think I’ll get all the tomato plants I wanted, but those heirloom seeds were poor germinators! Possibly they weren’t all fertile seeds. I really really wanted to be able to give Mom and Dad a black cherry plant, and planted several seeds more than once. Finally I’m getting another sprouting. It’ll be a few weeks behind for now but will soon catch up with its older siblings. The other late sprouter was the JBT—I finally got two seeds to sprout, both in the same plug. I resowed those a couple times too.

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