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We bought the seed at home depot and I’ve since started three kinds: kale, chard, and celery. Each says they need cool soil, so they’ve got it in the garage. No sprouts yet, but I only just started them.

I think I’ll be planting 10 kinds of tomatoes now! I’ve pretty much got a plan and will use two full beds for them. Hopefully, I’ll still have room to squeeze in corn in the middle and carrots around the borders. I really don’t have much room for the watermelon and zucchini, but we’ll make due. I’ll probably plant the beans around the pepper plants. It’s all well and good until you actually go to sow the seed and the bed is half the size you remembered. Oh well!

I guess I forgot to mention that I got my burpee’s seed. The invoice said they’ve canceled the red currant bush—poopoo heads! I guess I’ll just spread the raspberries out a little more—so instead of three red berry bushes on the left, they’ll be red-yellow-red, and I’ll split the black into two clumps on the right side/middle. I don’t remember how many “plants” of each I’m getting, but they’ll just be little twigs with a few roots attached.

I tried again a while ago to fix the leaky hose bib, but to no avail. It sucks that it was made in the 70s—nothing works the way it’s “supposed to”. And when I turn off the main water supply, it’s still on. Sucks!

I’m looking forward to tearing down the fort soon. The sky is clearing, the sun is getting warmer, the rains are moving in. Spring is in the air, excepting for the cold wind and temps of course. Soon I’ll be sowing lettuce outside. I hope the seeds survived—they’re over a year old now.


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